Status of our AFS Scratch Space

Status of our AFS Scratch Space

We have had a 20 GB quota of scratch space on the AFS disks. It is distributed over 10 directories: /afs/fnal/files/data/e781/vX, where X is 1 to 10.

This space has been traded better disks on fsgi02. In prepartion for that move, we have backed up all files on the AFS scratch disks, twice. Once when we expected to lose the disks and once when we actually did.

The first backup was done in early August. The files were saved with tar onto tapes. Click on the tapename to see a list of the files on the tape.

The second backup was done over the weekend of November 8, 1997. The files were saved with tar onto tapes.

The directories v3 to v10 were turned over to the system at 24:00 on 12 Nov 1997. The directories v1 and v2 were kept, cleaned up and saved for special uses.

How to restore files - Example that worked.

Task - restore directory /afs/ from tape HW0001.


fsgi02:users/rud> setup ocs 

fsgi02:users/rud> ocs_allocate
fsgi02 fnalu28

fsgi02:users/rud> ocs_request -t fnalu28 -v HW0001 -r
ocs_request: success

fsgi02:users/rud> ocs_devfile -t fnalu28 

fsgi02:e781/v2> cd /afs/; pwd; ls -CF
files.cmd   v1/         v2/         v4/         v6/         v8/
fn781a/     v10/        v3/         v5/         v7/         v9/

fsgi02:data/e781> tar xvf /dev/rmt/tps2d2nrnsv.8500 v2/users/rud/cal781/rich_align

fsgi02:data/e781> ocs_dismount -t fnalu28
ocs_dismount: Success

fsgi02:data/e781> ocs_deallocate -t fnalu28
ocs_deallocate: Deallocated any:fnalu28

Last update 11 Nov 1997 by Mike Procario