Using CVS for SELEX software

SELEX specific documentation:

General information from the Web:

Using cvs from any other computer

The cvs repository lives on in San Luis Potosi. You can checkout code from the repository and work on it on another node such as fsgi01 or at your home institute. You have to define for (ba)sh; export CVSROOT CVS_RSH=selexsshcvs; export CVS_RSH and for (t)csh setenv CVSROOT setenv CVS_RSH selexsshcvs You can also add add these lines to your .profile or .cshrc. selexcvsssh will be part of newer off781 versions, and also can be found on fsgi01 in ~jurgen/bin/selexsshcvs

You have to send a mail to jurgen with your public ssh version2 key ( or and the name(s) of the machine(s) from where you will access the repository.