1      Introduction
   2      A brief outline of the dot record structure
   3      How to build the daft library
       3.1    UNIX systems
       3.2    VMS systems
   4      Daft library reference
       4.1    The daft file descriptor
       4.2    Open, close and configuration calls
       4.3    "High-level" routines
       4.4    "Low-level" routines
       4.5    Error handling calls
       4.6    Error recovery issues
   Appendix A:  Error codes and        messages 
       A.1     Outline of error reporting features
       A.2     Daft error codes and messages
   Appendix B:  Example programs
       B.1     Reading events from a C program
       B.2     Writing events from a C program
       B.3     Reading events in a FORTRAN program
       B.4     A "low_level" example. Copying records from         FORTRAN. 
   Appendix C:  Release notes
       C.1     v1_0
       C.2     v1_1