Event Embedding

Event embedding is a tool incorporated into SELEX Off-line Analysis Package (SOAP). It simulates generated events in SELEX apparatus. The generated events can be embedded with or without underlying events from data. This tool can be used to develop and test new reconstruction algorithm, study the geometrical acceptance of our apparatus and reconstruction efficiency for the interesting physics modes.

An H-note H815 provides detailed information about event embedding. This note starts with a description of the embedding algorithm. It then describes the code organization and structure of the embedding package with the functionalities of each subroutines. Switches and commands are described next followed by a description of the embed file format. Finally, examples of SOAP command file, embed file and user.F are given to illustrate the use of embedding.

All embed files can be found in $OFF781_DIR/../embedmc. A description of physics information for each file can be found in the file README

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