Welcome to E781 Monte Carlo simulation

Code development

Version 6.1 (Sept. 16, 1999)

- contribution: Too many people have contributed to list it here.
- This version is a result of long development process , and fine
tuning at MPI.
- No OCS database is used directly. Only ADAMO database is used. All tables
need to simulate detector response were ported to ADAMO. Synchronization of
the OCS and ADAMO databases is made for any particular run with help
of OSA.
- OSA was updated and tuned to work with latest version of master file
and CON781 tables.
- This version was tested on following platforms: ALFA OSF, IRIX6.5, LINUX
- This version is currently installed for users on fsgi03 under IRIX6.5.
- See below how to start using the package.

Work status

Email of MC group: e781-mc@fn781a

GE781: Geant Based Detector Simulation of E781

Information on GE781, the experiment's MC, is indexed on this page. The MC coordinator is Renata Zukanovich Funchal from Sao Paulo. (zukanov@uspif.if.usp.br).

If you have questions about the E781 Monte Carlo, send mail to the Monte Carlo mailing list .

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