Using GNU Make on E781 Offline Code

24 Jan 1994

Make is a tool for building programs from source code. It has the ability to determine when the source code has been updated and only recompile those portions of the code which need it. It is a commonly used tool of UNIX programmers.

The GNU version, frequently called gmake, comes from the the Free Software Foundation. It behaves the same of all UNIX platforms and has enhancements over the standard Makes supplied by hardware vendors, both of which are advantages for us. Fermilab supports gmake as part of the gtools product.

This makefile has been designed to build either debug or optimized versions of the same library. In order to use this makefile you only have to replace the xxxx with your own library name and supply a list of object files to place in this library.

This makefile does not have the ability to detect that include files have changed. We will implement that feature into the official offline system, but you may find this makefile simple enough to start but still useful for your own work.
Mike Procario (