DART Documents

Here you find links to locally available DAQ and DART documents. You can also read them at the DART server directly.

Important H-Notes

H-737 Detector Connection Scheme for SELEX; Jurgen Engelfried


The E781 CAMAC library, selex_camac
Remote CAMAC Library, rcam. This should be used in normaly.
SCSI Jorway, CES8210, VSD2992. These should only be used in special cases.

Fastbus, FSCC, VME, VxWorks

Run Control Master Program on the FSCC.
The Fastbus Standart Routines, fb_std.
The FSCC Software support, fb_fscc.
ddd, the DM115 / DC2 / Dual Ported Memory description.

Other Documents

dfm, the Data Flow Manager.
dot, the Logger.
daft, how to read back.
dbs, Dart Bootstrap services.
dis, DART Information Service.
damp, Data Acquisition Monitoring Program.
drc, DART Run Control, and dms, the run control server.
Murmur Message Reporting System: User's Guide, Quick Reference Guide, Client User's Guide