SELEX (Experiment 781) Detector


Plan view of PC4 area
A color postscript which may need to set Magstep -5 to see the whole picture.

SELEX (E781) Proton Center Layout with Vertex Region details, color postscript. March 1998

SELEX detector schematic drawing by Luiz Emediato & Jerry Thomas (July 1997) is available
as ps-landscape file, or as jpg-landscape file, or as ps-portrait file

The subsystems

  1. Silicon Detectors in E781
  2. The RICH vessel in MP9 on March 11, 1994
  3. Vector Drift Chamber scheme (PS file) July 1997

Help for Shifts

  • Reading scalers. Briefly and in detail.
  • Setting PMT high voltages .
  • Trigger page
  • Starting EPICURE .
  • Operating and monitoring the SILICON system.


    Erik Gottshalk has been photographing the detector as it is assembled. These pictures will be stored here to document progress of the installation.

    1. PC4 on 14 June 1994 - A 170 kBytes color gif file.