Operating and monitoring the silicon system

Emergency procedures

Onspill readout

Getting ready for datataking involves the following steps:
Setting up: [Detector configuration] [Power ] [Pattern ] [FSCC startup ]
Data: [Raw data format] [Error checker] [SOAP]

  • SRS scalers

    setup sil781

    will pop up a window with the SRS scaler information.

    The relevant entries are:

  • T1_sil: T1's pushed by trigger
  • T1_SRS: T1's accepted by SRS
  • T1_diff: T1_SRS-T1_sil
  • T2_sil: T2's pushed by trigger
  • SRSdone: T2's accepted by SRS and triggers sent to FSCC's
  • SLRes: total number of resets performed by SRS (long and short)
  • SRS_Res: Short Resets pushed by trigger
  • SRes_srs: Short Resets pushed by trigger and accepted by SRS
  • S_diff: SRS_Res-SRes_srs
  • Raw data format

    You may read raw data by executing:

    setup online
    read_data /spool21/data/raw/calib/calib_run000672_001 | less

    Example: Run 672

  • Error checker: read_silicon

    Raw data may be checked for header errors and wordcount mismatches by read_silicon

  • Read_spill: strips first silicon events in spill

    This task reads data of a given run, detects the first events in each spill and writes silicon data (streams 1 and 2) with error diagnostic.

    setup sil781
    read_spill /spool21/data/raw/calib/calib_run001238_001 > log.1238

    This is an output file example.

  • SOAP: Offline analysis of silicon data

    Interspill tasks

    Hardware monitoring

    Current reference files

    Data logging

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